Samsung Introduces New Entry-Level Smart Camera for Pro Selfies

NX3000_019_Dynamic6_WhiteSamsung has, in a very short time, pushed out a pretty large range of Smart cameras, chock full of interchangeable lens, mirrorless cameras. Their new entry-level, the NX3000, has just been announced, and it’s not too big of a step down from the high-end NX30.

The NX3000, like the NX30, has a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and is capable of taking 1080p video. The range on shutter speed is a little smaller – the NX3000 can only get as fast as 1/4000, and is only capable of 5 frames per second continuous shooting, compared to 1/8000 and 9 FPS on the NX30.

The NX3000 aims to be a little more stylish, though, looking like an old analog camera. But, all of the modern conveniences are there, including Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity and a 3” flip-up LCD display. That display also includes Wink Shot, so you can flip the display up to face you and wink at the camera to take a selfie. Like the higher-priced NX30, the NX3000 is also an interchangeable lens camera. You can buy it with one of two lenses – a 16-50mm OIS Power Zoom lens with an external SEF-8 Flash or a 20-50mm lens with the same SEF-8 Flash. The external flash is important, because the NX3000 doesn’t have one built in to the camera.


The Samsung NX3000 will be available early next month in black, white, or brown for $529 with the 16-50mm lens or $479 with the 20-50mm lens. It’s an entry-level camera, so the prices are low based on the kind of hardware you’re getting. It’s kind of a lot, but if you want to take the very best selfies, well, this is it. It’s lightweight, it’s DSLR quality, and it’s literally built to make selfies easier to take.

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