It’s Memorial Day Weekend, So Grab a Sailor and Take a Selfie

Seriously! It is being encouraged. Fleet Week is back in New York after a one-year sequester-induced hiatus, and apparently, everyone’s getting orders. New Yorkers’ orders are a lot simpler, though – go out and take a selfie with a sailor.

The United States Navy is starting up #selfiewithasailor for Fleet Week, hoping to connect names and faces to civilians’ conception of the military. But, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus doesn’t just want you to run up to the nearest sailor in uniform, grab a picture, and jet. Mabus is hoping that people will connect with the sailors, getting to know them and what it is they actually do in the military. It’ll hopefully be more about getting to know a sailor, but hey, no one’s going to pass up a good selfie opportunity, either.

New Yorkers will have their chance to grab a selfie with a sailor any time during Fleet Week, wherever they happen to spot someone in uniform. That includes the United States Marines, who will also be participating.

Via NY Daily News

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