It’s a Shelf, It’s a Table, It’s One Confused Piece of Furniture

deskIt also might be the best Transformer of the year. This nifty piece of folding furniture can be pretty much whatever you need it to be, although chair and stepladder modes probably aren’t safe things you should try. You should try lots of other modes, though! It’s like the Yoga of furniture. So many modes.

The Convertible Shelf Table looks pretty nice, too, made out of fir with an iron frame. But, the fun comes when you start folding around to suit your needs. It can go from flat dining table to stepwise bookshelf to normal bookshelf and back again. The table itself is made of five planks of fir, each attached to their own hinge, which makes the magic happen. Pretty ingenious, although I’m not sure when you would ever need to convert a table to a bookshelf temporarily. You’d have to take all the books off to change, and that sort of seems like a hassle. Still, it’d be nice to have a bookshelf that can do double duty, just in case you need to host more people than your regular tables can handle. There’s always a nugget of practicality if you look hard enough!

The Convertible Shelf Table is on Dot & Bo, and is scheduled to ship in early to mid July.

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