Snapchat Adds Text and Video Chats

Now that Snapchat has turned down billions, they probably figured that they maybe needed to move on from sending disappearing pictures – do at least a little something else. So, true to their name, they added chat. And video chat. All disappearing, of course.

It’s hard to make a new messenger service and compete, which is probably why Snapchat didn’t start there. Now that they have an impressive user base, adding a messenger component makes a lot more sense. That said, they’re staying true to what makes Snapchat Snapchat – impermanence. Text chats can be started by swiping right on a friend’s name, and the entire chat is cleared once both people leave the chat. You can still take screenshots, with screenshot notification for the other person, if you want.


The biggest addition is video chatting. If both people are using Snapchat at the same time, the app will tell both people that the other is Here. There will be a little button that you can press and hold to start video chatting with each other, which will end and disappear as soon as someone lets go of the screen. It actually sounds like one of the easiest, fastest ways to video chat, so credit to that idea.

The new Snapchat update, with chat and video chat, is available now.


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