Parents – Tell Your School to Get the SOS Emergency App

GEOS, which has been using modern technology to support emergency responders for a few years now, is preparing to roll out the SOS Emergency App by offering one year of their service for free to schools all across the nation. Seeking help through the app is simple – a large panic button is easily accessible within the app. The app establishes direct communication between the school faculty, calling in an emergency situation and responders. Once initiated, the communication is active and silent, for the sake of personal safety – in case sound might attract attention. That said, responders will be able to hear everything going on from the school’s end, and they’ll have exact GPS data for the device that made the emergency report.

The response team will also be able to push information to other faculty members on-site who have the app. That way, the response team can instruct faculty to organize an evacuation, commence a lockdown, or just warn them about an ongoing situation.

The app is powered by the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) which has saved more than 4,000 lives in 100+ countries. The IERCC is staffed by experienced specialists who are former and current first responders, search and rescue and emergency response professionals – that includes everyone from former coast guards to firemen.

GEOS wants schools to take advantage of their services, so vehemently, that they have introduced their grant program which offers the app and its services to 100 schools, for Free for 1 year. So if you’re a parent or an educator, we encourage you to go ahead and nominate your school for consideration. You might just end up saving lives down the line.