Is Spinlister the Airbnb of Bike Rentals?


You can make a little cash on the sharing economy, sure. But, you know, with Airbnb, maybe the risk of letting someone else use your place is a little too much. Maybe this happens. Less than ideal. Spinlister, on the other hand, might be a little more palatable. Well, depending on your relationship with your bike, that is.

Spinlister is a way to expeditiously rent out your sports equipment to others in the area. So, if you have some old skis that are collecting dust, or you want to make some extra cash off your bike on days when you’re not using it, you can make a little coin instead of just having them sit around. On the flip side, you can also rent equipment on the cheap if you don’t want to plunk down cash to buy your own stuff.

Spinlister_Find a Ride_iPhone APP

Using the app, you can find others who have listed equipment, then contact them privately and arrange for a meeting place. Payments are handled completely in-app, so those providing equipment should feel a little more secure there. And, if you’re worried about your stuff getting wrecked, Spinlister should be able to provide support – if the renter can’t reimburse you, Spinlister insures skis and snowboards up to $1,000 and bicycles up to $5,000.

Great news for anyone who bought skis, a snowboard, or a bicycle under the belief that they were going to be used frequently, all to be met with disappointment. Sell them, and you’ll take a loss. Spinlist them, and at least you should make the money you spent back after a while. And they’re still yours, so you can still use them! Someday. Maybe.

Spinlister is available for iOS now for free.