Super Mario World / Game of Thrones Mashup is Better Than You’d Think

You know, if you think about it, there’s probably more death and brutality in Super Mario World than Game of Thrones. Turtles get kicked down pits, mushroom henchmen get crushed, some things get fireballs hurled at them, and Yoshi swallows creatures whole.

So, it’s appropriate that we have this wonderful piece of work – the world map of Super Mario World, introduced in the style of the Game of Thrones intro, with chiptuned music. Purists have already chafed at the use of 8-bit music with a 16-bit game, but purists need to calm down a little. The point is, there should be endless fun arguing about which of the Koopa Kids represent which house (well, Ludwig looks like he might be from one of the Free Cities, but anyway).

So, check it out, then fire up the SNES again, so you can recreate the Red Wedding with koopa troopas. And make sure you collect those coins, too, because a plumber always pays his debts.


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