Yezz Billy 4.7 is a Dual SIM Windows 8.1 Phone

yezzOver the past couple of years, Yezz has made a name for itself with basic, budget phones that can be had unlocked on the cheap. That’s why it’s a little surprising that their first Windows 8.1 phone is, well, a legitimately good phone. It’s also just as inexpensive as you might expect from Yezz, so it’s worth a look.

The Billy 4.7 – I don’t know if that’s a reference to Bill Gates, or what – runs Windows Phone 8.1 on an unspecified quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It has a 4.7” 1280 x 720 IPS display, which isn’t a world-beater by any metric, but it’s still on the HD radar. The 13.1 MP camera is a very nice addition, and while you won’t get LTE connectivity, there is support for 4G 42.2 Mbps HSPA+. And, if you’re a stickler for size, you’ll like that the Billy 4.7 is actually the thinnest Windows 8.1 phone out there, at 7.2 mm thick. Even though the price is low, the phone won’t feel cheap – it has an aluminum frame, and the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

The Billy 4.7 is a GSM phone, so Verizon customers might want to pass. For everyone else, there’s the freedom of having a dual-SIM unlocked phone on the cheap – the Billy 4.7 will sell for $250 when it hits Amazon in June. You’ll also get interchangeable red, white, and blue backplates with your purchase.

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