15 Great Gifts for Dad + Win a $100 Sony Gift Card


Father’s Day is June 15 – so, you’ve still got enough time to put in an order and get it shipped. That’s awesome, because you can get everything on the Internet. Otherwise, you’re going to end up at some drugstore at 10:30 on June 14, and you’re going to get dad a bad Hallmark card and a $15 to Google Play or whatever, and dad’s going to feel bad, and you’re going to feel bad. No bad feelings this year. These are gifts you can order now, receive, and get wrapped up tastefully in time for Father’s Day. Dad will feel good because he will have new tech, and you will feel good, too. That’s emotion Hallmark can’t match!

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Alternatively, you can win a $100 Sony Gift Card for Dad. We’re giving one away here. You can use it to buy Dad a new Sony RX100 III, or perhaps a subscription to Sony’s Music Unlimited Service. Enter above to win!



Sony’s  Music Unlimited

The exclusive streaming music service on PlayStation 4 allows you to listen to music while playing your favorite games. It’s the perfect gift for the Dad who loves to game or anyone who wants to enjoy their music whenever they want, wherever they are, without paying for individual songs or albums. Music Unlimited offers a global catalog of more than 25 million licensed songs and is available across Sony and non-Sony connected devices including PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, Android smartphones and tablets, including the Xperia Z2 tablet, iPhone and iPod touch, and various Sony TV and home theater devices. For the first time ever, you can gift Music Unlimited to your friends and loved ones. Head over to a retail GameStop location or purchase online in the following dominations:

Three months of premium access for $29.97
Six months of premium access for $54.99
12 months of premium access for $99.90


Citizen Military Chronograph

This watch combines the vague hint of luxury that Citizen offers with a rugged, military appearance. It has a stainless steel black case, orange accents, and a green nylon band. Basically, it’ll match perfectly with the pair of camo cargo shorts your father no doubt has stashed away in the closet somewhere. The Citizen Military Chronograph, being from Citizen, is not cheap at $315.



PS Vita Slim

The new PS Vita comes bundled with the blockbuster game, Borderlands 2, and an 8GB memory card for $199.99. Dads and Grads can easily load the system up with games – there are over 1,000 available on the PlayStation Store, including classic games from PS One – or with sports apps like NBA Game Time and NHL GameCenter LIVE, as well as popular video apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.



Ravi Ratan money clip

Make Dad feel like 007 with this dual-purpose pocket accessory that holds his cash and cache’s his files. The Ravi Ratan money clip ($80) is a silver keepsake that doubles as an 8GB USB flash drive. With 8GB’s, he can store up to 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos or up to 10 hours of video, and no one will have any idea he has all of that … right in his back pocket.



Sony Cyber Shot RX100 III

The  Sony Cyber Shot RX100 III ($799.99) is a ridiculously capable point-and-shoot camera that can snap some seriously professional-looking photos. It’s fantastic even in low light, and has a host of both basic and advanced features that will give dad plenty of ways to experiment with his shots. For bonus points, load it up with some cute selfies before dad’s big day!



Incipio’s Focal Camera Case

Incipio’s Focal Camera Case ($69.99) lets him use him take great photos in a snap with no add-on lenses, all while helping protect his precious smartphone. The dedicated shutter and zoom buttons turn his phone into a hand-held point and shoot, without having to tap the phone’s screen. Perfect for his selfies on the go.



The BBQ Dragon

If your dad’s mancave smells of stale cigars, help him create a more pleasant kind of smoke with the BBQ Dragon ($50). This fantastic little grill fan targets a jet of fresh air right where it’s needed, drastically shortening prep time on the way to a tasty dinner. He’ll be the grilling sensation of your neighborhood in no time.



JBL Authentics L8

A stereo system with a touch of class, the JBL Authentics L8 comes surrounded by a black, glossy wooden enclosure, making it look like a legacy stereo system. Of course, it’s not all about the looks – inside, 120 Watts of  power, creating a defining sound. That’s boosted by Clari-Fi technology, which digitally reproduces audio in lossy file formats like mp3 and makes them sound more like the original recordings. This one’s a splurge for dad, at $600.




MobiCoach is your obligatory golf entry for this year’s Father’s Day list, and it’s by far the best golf entry yet. Dad can actually get lessons to fix his golf swing while he’s at the course – a device that can be attached to golf clubs will record dad’s golf swings, which can instantly be sent to a professional golf coach. He can then set up a 15-,30-, or 60-minute call with the coach, who will use in-app whiteboarding tools to explain where that slice is coming from. The app is free, and lessons start at $20 each. Dad can just use the app to record video of his swings and send it to the coach, but go all out and spend the extra $100 to get the SwingTIP motion sensor – dad’s golf game probably needs it.



LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Essential. LEGO Mindstorms has been around for years and years, letting you build awesome LEGO robots and create software to make them do your bidding. EV3 takes that into the present day, throwing in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and an SD card slot. You can load up either preset or custom programs for the robots to run, and there’s even the option of controlling the robots with a smartphone app. It’s a splurge at $350, but come on. It’s LEGO and robots. That’s the definition of a hit.


Wood Watch Case

For the consummate professional dad with a different watch for every day of the week, there’s this Wood Watch Case from red envelope. It’s a walnut case with a glass lid, with a microfiber interior that won’t scratch any of the eight watches that can be stored and tastefully displayed inside. And, like anything refined, there’s the option of having it personalized with dad’s initials. This one’s going for $72, and the personalization is complimentary.


Greatest Daddy in the Universe Mug

As it is with mom, so it is with dad. You already told mom where she ranks out of all possible moms in all possible worlds – let dad know he’s right up there with her. Those lizard-dads in some undiscovered galaxy can’t stand up to what your earth-dad offers – the offhand awkward comments, the top-notch grilling acumen, peerless napping ability, the whole package. The Greatest Daddy in the Universe Mug is not at all hyperbole, and costs $15.50 from Cafe Press.


Weizmann Institute Care Share Repair Dedication

Does dad have a cause he believes in strongly? You can make a dedication video and a financial contribution in his name to the Weizmann Institute’s Care Share Repair program, which is raising money for research in physics, health, environmentalism, technology, education and curing cancer. The dedication video can include a written message, a webcam message, music, and a personal dedication to dad that you can share – it’s a gift to dad, and hopefully, the whole world.


Acer Iconia One 7

Does dad need a mobile tablet? I don’t know, probably. There are no shortage of uses for a 7” tablet that can fit into a good many of dad’s pants pockets. The Acer Iconia One 7 is one such tablet – and it’s not bad for both of you. Dad will get a tablet in his favorite color, with a decent enough display and surprisingly fast performance for a budget tablet. Meanwhile, you’ll only spend $130 on a tablet that dad should be happy with. It’s a win-win, and it should be available in stores very soon.


Samsung Shape M7 Speaker

Dad can’t help but appreciate the convenience of the Samsung Shape M7 Speaker. It’s wireless, he can control it from an app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the triangular design means he can wedge it into a corner and forget about it. If he’s lucky enough to get more than one, he can sync his music to all the speakers, and can even use them to create stereo or surround sound effects. Dad might have to buy his own extras, though – one Shape M7 Speaker costs $350, although to be fair, the tech inside these speakers isn’t too shabby, either.

Disclaimer: This gift guide has been brought to you by Sony. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own


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  1. I don’t even know what to get yet! I’ve been reading through blogs for ideas! 🙂 Perhaps something electronics!

  2. a new video games thats my dads favorite relax thing so it will be perfect for him

  3. I’m always looking for something that will bring my grizzled curmudgeon hubby kicking and screaming into the modern tech age. Or maybe I’m just shopping for myself *grin*

  4. A watch, or a tablet, something to remember my dad, as it’s going to be a year since he passed the week following Father’s Day.

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