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6 Ways to Get Geeked Out for the World Cup

World Cup Babes

In honor of FIFA finally stepping into the 21st century and implementing goal line technology at this year’s World Cup (about four years too late for the English), we’re going to run down all the best ways to get geeked for soccer’s main event. Regardless of where you’re from or what kind of device you own (I’m starting to think there’s more pride in the latter than the former), there’s something for everyone to get into the spirit of world football.




Beats Studio Headphones Brasil CBF Limited Edition

The newly refreshed Beats Studio Headphones are getting a special limited edition paint job featuring the hosts of the 2014 World Cup. They’ve doused it with the colors of the Brazilian flag, with the crest of the Brasil national team on the headband. If you’re a fan of Brasil’s national team, might as well grab a pair – considering how this team will never be anything less than one of the best, you’ll always feel pretty good about wearing them.



Sol Republic 2014 Futbol Series Tracks Headbands

Sol Republic knew what they were doing when they made their Tracks headphones with interchangeable headbands. Infinite accessorizing – it’s practically begging for a slick new line of national team headbands for the World Cup. And, wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what they’ve done – Sol Republic has headbands for the USA, Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain for $45.



FIFA ’14

For those dreadful times in the coming month when there won’t be any games on, pick up anything running Windows. EA has made a free version of their annual soccer franchise for Windows Phone and Windows (with some in-app purchases on the side). And, just in time for the World Cup, they’ve added the updated rosters of all the national teams playing in this year’s World Cup, along with kits and the ball being used in Brazil.



Monster Adidas Originals High Performance Over-Ear Headphones

Monster has partnered up with adidas for a limited edition line of headphones stamped with the adidas logo. They come in yellow/green/black, white/red, blue/red/white and green/red color combinations – they aren’t explicitly based on country colors, but they cover a lot of ground when it comes to the teams in the field of 32. And hey, once the World Cup is over, they’ll just be nice looking headphones if you want to dial down the nationalism.



Goal.com App

BlackBerry users, I know you’re still out there. Not everyone has abandoned you – Goal.com, one of the top sources of soccer news, scores, interviews, and analysis, has a free BlackBerry app. They’ll have detailed coverage of the World Cup, and once that’s done, they’ll provide constant updates on leagues, teams, and the comings and goings of players all over the world.



Casetify World Cup 2014 Collection

We couldn’t get through this list without some smartphone cases! The best ones available this year are coming from Casetify, in partnership with Portuguese artist Danny Ivan. The cases are bright, eclectic takes on the flags of ten of this year’s participants – Italy, Brazil, Germany, England, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Japan, the USA and France. Not represented? Don’t worry – starting on June 16, Casetify will offer new countries for sale every day. The Casetify World Cup 2014 Collection is available for a wide range of phones for $35-$40 each.

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