T-Mobile Now Offering Prepaid iPhone 5S with a $50 Discount

tmobileiphone5sT-Mobile is getting July started with some pretty sweet deals if you’ve pitched your tent in Apple’s camp. They’re offering hardware discounts and bonuses if you buy an Apple device and put it on a T-Mobile monthly plan.

Now that it’s possible to buy an iPhone with prepaid T-Mobile service straight from Apple Stores, T-Mobile would like to encourage you to get in on that. If you buy an iPhone with T-Mobile prepaid, you can get $50 off the price of the device. If you prefer a monthly plan, you’ll get a $50 iTunes card instead.

If the Apple Store isn’t your cup of tea, head over to the polar aesthetic opposite—Costco. You might be able to find discounts there on the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. You can buy all of those at Costco with T-Mobile monthly plans. On those tablets, you can get 200MB of free 4G LTE data per month through T-Mobile indefinitely, and can score an additional free 1 GB per month through the end of this year.

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