Beats Get Active with Wireless PowerBeats2 Earphones

screenshot_148Beats are finally going wireless – in earphone form, that is. The PowerBeats2 will be Beats’ first set of wireless earphones, designed for active use.

The earphones are IPX4 water and sweat resistant and clip onto ears with soft, rubbery ear hooks. The wrap-around cable that connects the two buds is flat and tangle-free, although I’d suspect there shouldn’t be much of a problem with a wrap-around cable getting tangled during use. It connects to your wireless device over a Bluetooth connection, with a 30-foot range. The six-hour battery life isn’t great, but you can get an hour’s worth of battery life with 15 minutes of charging, so that helps make up for it.

In case the ear hooks and the water and sweat resistance didn’t tip you off to the fact that these are athlete-friendly, the PowerBeats2 earphones are coming with an endorsement from LeBron James. I don’t know if James will have a third ring later this month, but I know he’ll be able to afford a whole lot of other rings now – James was an early investor in Beats, which is paying off big-time now that Apple has purchased the company.

The PowerBeats2 wireless earphones will be available this month for $200, and will come in red, black, and white.