Design Your Own Luxury Mobile with Bellperre Phone Unique

Luxury phones are finally getting the customization options they’ve never had. No longer will you have rose gold phones decked out with crystals foisted upon you as your only choice when it comes to luxury. No, with Bellperre’s new Phone Unique line, you can personally design your own special snowflake of a luxury phone.

It’s a dumb phone you’ll be customizing, of course. Smartphones aren’t luxurious, for some reason. I haven’t worked it out, yet. Bellperre says its users have no need for these fancy bells and whistles, and just want long battery life and good call quality, so I’ll defer to them. Anyway, the bells and whistles on these phones are all on the outside. With Phone Unique, you can choose between a yellow gold, rose gold, polished steel, or brushed steel frame, with the same options for the back logoplate.

Then, there’s the leather. You have six types of leather to pick from – crocodile, lizard, shark, ostrich, buffalo, or python. On top of that, there are different shades of ten colors, which brings the total to over 100 kinds of leather you can have on the back of your unique Phone Unique.

At the end, you have some language options – Roman, Arabic or Cyrillic alphabets on the keypad, and a whole host of languages for the software. You can also order an engraving, in case your custom phone isn’t custom enough. All of these phones are made to order, so you’ll have to send off your creation to get a price quote from Bellperre. And, hey, maybe the luxury market is warming up to smartphones, after all – Bellperre says they plan on introducing a made-to-order luxury Android phone at some point in the near future.

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