The Best of E3 2014: What I Want Now!

E3 2014 – if we’re all riding hype trains, it’s Grand Central Station. Of course, some of those hype trains might end up taking you to the sticks, but it’s the journey, not the destination, right?

This year’s E3 provided us with another cornucopia of gaming goodness, with some much-needed updates to upcoming games and some brand new reveals. There’s still been no cure found for the sequelitis epidemic – the usual deluge of sequels, prequels, reboots, and next-gen refreshes washed over the show, but still left some pretty sweet-looking games in its wake. But, there were plenty of fresh ideas to get excited about, too – here are ten of the most exciting games to show up at E3 that we wish would come out – let’s just say sooner, rather than later.


Sunset Chaos

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive, an Xbox One exclusive from Insomniac Games, has made the rounds – we know it’s a vibrant, eclectic third-person shooter. We know it’s set in a world overrun with mutants, starring a bunch of people who seem to be enjoying the apocalypse an awful lot.

The gameplay looks like it’ll be a throwback to the good-old no cover, run and gun days, with a little bit of the jumping, running, sliding, and grinding that we saw in Titanfall. At E3, we found out the most important thing of all – when we’ll get it. October 28 – mark it down.


Sims 4

Sims 4

We took a look at the new ways you’ll be able to tinker with your Sims’ looks and personalities not too long ago. Now we know that Sims 4 will put an emphasis on creating more personal stories for your Sims – not just the old get a job, build up your house routine. Helping that will be new controls that allow you to set all kinds of personality quirks to your liking, including how hard your Sim laughs. We also got a release date – September 2.



New Zelda

For lack of a better name – we have no idea what the new Legend of Zelda will be called, but we do know it’ll be the biggest jump the series has taken since Ocarina of Time. This one will be open world – in a sense, the Legend of Zelda has always been open world, but not like this.

Think Zelda, Skyrim style. Going in and out of towns and areas will be seamless, and the entire world looks gorgeous, as Nintendo showed off what’s possible when Wii U’s still serviceable hardware can do with Nintendo’s excellent art direction. Oh, and there’s the rumor that the character in the trailer – who Nintendo did refuse to confirm was Link –  might be a female version of the Hero of Time. The main entries into the series all feature different Links scattered across one timeline, so there’s nothing to discount that possibility.



Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare latest in that franchise, is coming on October 7. Also coming are fights with extremely large dragons. If that video doesn’t get you excited, well, maybe dragons aren’t your thing. If dragons are your thing, hopefully the same goes for people – Inquisition promises more robust heroes and NPCs this time around, which should make for a more engaging personal experience that the Dragon Age series hasn’t quite nailed down yet.



Mirror’s Edge

Just knowing that they’re still working on it is comfort enough. We didn’t get too much information about the new Mirror’s Edge, which is said to be a prequel to the original game based on parkour.

After this E3, we know that EA Dice is putting a lot of work into Faith, fleshing out her story while expanding what she can do in-game. All we got at E3 was some developer commentary and a little early gameplay footage. It looks like Mirror’s Edge is still a ways off, but considering how tantalizing the first game was – a game full of great ideas that didn’t quite get the execution right – it’ll probably be worth waiting for.




There are always a fair share of indie darlings at E3, and one of them this year was Inside. This one is from Playdead, the makers of black-and-white platformer Limbo. It looks like there will be a little bit more color – but not too much! – this time around. Inside looks like it’ll take you through a world with – well, I don’t think they’re zombies, but they might as well be. Maybe office workers? Anyway, it looks like there will be some sneaking, some more platforming goodness, and some kind of horrible secret laying in wait – inside – some sort of glass dome. You’ll find out what that is early next year.


No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky made its debut last year at VGX, and has been hyped immensely since then for good reason. The game features an entire universe to explore, with worlds that are procedurally generated – randomly generated as you explore them. It won’t be totally random – there will be desert worlds, ice worlds, and who knows what else – but the little details will come forth randomly, making everyone’s experience different. Those little details, by the way, could be a fern off to the side or a 50-foot dinosaur – who knows?

The worlds look rich and colorful, and you can walk around, hop in a spaceship, fly off world, get into a dogfight, then go land on a new planet – all without loading times. Oh, and did we mention this was from Hello Games, an indie dev that numbers about a dozen on its team? It sounds too good to be true – we still don’t know what the point of the game is, or if there even is one – and we don’t need to tell you that a lot of games don’t meet their hype, but all the same, No Man’s Sky looks like a fresh take on gaming that’s worth keeping your eye on. It’s only planned for a PS4 release, but don’t count out PC and Xbox One releases.



Super Smash Bros

If you don’t know by now that a new Super Smash Bros is coming out for the Wii U and the 3DS, you probably don’t care. Smash is a perennial Nintendo hype machine, made a lot stronger by the hopes that this time, Nintendo will finally get online multiplayer right. We’ve been hearing plenty about the game, with Nintendo revealing new characters semi-regularly throughout the year and showing off new modes. But, the big questions are the same – the roster and the gameplay.

The game looks like it plays much faster than Brawl – something Melee enthusiasts should look forward to. As for the roster, there were a few reveals at E3 – customizable Miis, the oft-requested Palutena from the Kid Icarus series, and, yes, Pac-Man. Pac-Man has found his way into Nintendo’s brawler, which means that Sonic, Mario, Pac-Man, and Mega Man will all be appearing in the same game. Just checked outside, universe surprisingly hasn’t imploded. The 3DS version has been delayed (it’s Nintendo) from this summer to October 3, while the Wii U version is still on track for a holiday release.



Mario Maker

We’ll end at the beginning – with the original Super Mario Bros! Mario Maker is coming to the Wii U, and you never knew you needed it until right now. It’s a level editor based on the original Super Mario Bros for the NES. You can build your own levels, test them out, have friends try them out – there’s even the hope that you can recreate the entire game based on your own ideas.

Also, with the touch of a button, you can swap the graphics for the updated New Super Mario Bros style. Either way, something tells me when it’s all over, you’ll have spent way more hours in Mario Maker than in any other game on this list. It won’t be out until 2015, so there’s no telling what kind of other surprises Nintendo is cooking up.



Battlefield: Hardline

Alright, alright, one more. We know you don’t like waiting. Apparently, EA knows this, too. The new Battlefield, which is basically a next-gen game of cops and robbers is still in the works. But, there’s a closed beta you can sign up for, and you don’t have to wait for that – the beta is already up and running for PC and PS4, so get your name on the list and hope that your number gets called. There’s lots of shooting, lots of vehicles, lots of buildings getting destroyed – you know, usual Battlefield stuff.

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