Getting a Divorce? There is an App for That

Alright, maybe it’s played out to say it, but yeah, there really is an app for everything. Everything now includes divorce. I’m pretty sure this app is the polar opposite of Tetris.

The app – a custody calendar – is part of My Divorce Prep’s greater suite of web tools related to making divorce, I don’t know. Not less stressful. It makes the logistics of divorce more streamlined? I’ll go with that. The online software includes tools that help both people keep track of alimony, child support, and reimbursement for expenses, along with a budgeting tool that both people can use. You would also be able to keep a private journal of events during the divorce, in case you need to remember things in court. The custody calendar is also available online, in addition to being an app.

Web Divorce Prep Calendar (HD!) is an iOS app, and while it’s free, unlocking the full app will require a $4.99 in-app purchase. You can use preset custody calendars for splitting time with the kids, and share it with your ex-spouse or lawyer. I sincerely hope you never need to use this app.

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