Forget the World Cup, We’re Watching the World Pup

Is World Cup fever taking its toll? Yeah, there’s been 48 games. You’re probably laid out. Maybe in need some of non-soccer therapy? Well, have we ever got the right therapy—perfect for this day long break before the knockout rounds start. It’s Animal Planet’s World Pup, and with apologies to soccer, puppies are truly the international language.

Sadly, the first two rounds are already over, but you can still get involved with the semifinals. World Pup takes 16 breeds from countries all over the world and pits them against each other for canine supremacy. Obviously, there are videos to help you make your decisions.

Your semifinals are Spanish Great Pyrenees versus the Japanese Shiba Inu and the Olde English Sheepdog versus the Chinese Shar-Pei. That’s wonderful, because all of those countries need something to cheer for now. Only, the way things are going now, it’s looking like another disappointment is in store for the Spanish side.

You can go back and check out the previous rounds at any time. The puppy highlight reels are all still up, which is really all that matters. Enjoy yourself, and feel free to argue any contentious results, which are ball of them, because how can you choose between any of these guys?

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