We Found it! The iPhone Smartwatch is Here!

Silly us! Here we were, talking about rumors, when the real thing was hiding in plain sight! It’s the iPhone Smartwatch, but I much prefer the official title of “Apple’s fifth Iphone 5s LED LCD touch screen sports watch apple men women electronic silicone watches casual watch.” Apple’s marketing team really outdid themselves on that one.

It’s definitely authentic, because it says “iPhone5” on the face. Well, some images show “iphone 5s,” but I’m sure that’s just a personalization option. I’m sure you could probably get one that says “IPHONE^” on the face if you ask nicely. It also has a touchscreen, but from what I can tell, the watch can only display time. That’s probably just in keeping with Apple’s mantra of minimalism and simplicity. Definitely still legit, you guys.

iphoneWatch2Now, some of you might be wondering why you should pay $70 for something that looks like it comes with a Happy Meal. Well, McDonald’s can’t get away with this kind of artistry without getting their collective pants sued off, can they? No, if you want someone’s A-game knock-offs, you’re going to have to pay A-game prices.



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