Google Street View Takes You Under the Sea

The little yellow Google Street View dude must have picked up some scuba gear last week. If you throw him into the depths around Half Moon Caye in Belize or Tubbataha in the Philippines, you’ll get a glimpse of the grandeur of some of the most beautiful – and endangered – sites the world has to offer.

The Catlin Seaview Survey used SVII cameras to take panoramic shots all over those two locales, along with several more that have been included on UNESCO’s list of Marine World Heritage Sites. World Oceans Day was yesterday, but you can still check out the shots the Catlin Seaview Survey got by using Google Street View, which will plunge you into the depths of the ocean where you can pretty much explore at will. There are hundreds of species of coral down there, along with sharks, fish, and a bunch of other stuff you might not necessarily want close to you (but are sure nice to look at!).

For the more adventurous, consider this a dry run before you take your summer trip to your scuba dive joint of choice. Otherwise, stay dry, air conditioned, and enjoy all that oceanic splendor from afar.

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