Honeywell Lyric Thermostat Takes a Good Shot at Nest


Sometimes, having a smart device means you can do more. But, smart technology is at its best when it means that you have to do much, much less – when your tech knows enough to do the heavy lifting all on its own. The Honeywell Lyric, a new thermostat, is in the latter camp.

Once you set up the Lyric, you don’t really need to interact with it much. The thermostat takes into account indoor temperature, indoor humidity, and weather conditions to settle on a comfortable temperature in your home, which the Lyric will maintain as long as you’re home. How does the Lyric know that little detail? It’ll work with an iOS or Android app that uses geofencing – once the app detects that you’re within a certain radius of home, the thermostat will activate. Otherwise, it’ll stay dormant in savings mode.


Of course, there are still manual controls, both on the thermostat itself and the smartphone app. You can set the thermostat yourself, or use presets like sleep or party. You can also create a schedule based on those presets.

The Lyric connects to your home Wi-Fi network. We’ve seen quite a few smart thermostats hit the market in the last year or so, but the Lyric looks like it’s the simplest and smartest of the bunch – it’s one of the first that you can truly forget about until you need to tinker with something. It should also be more efficient, saving you money on your electricity bill. You’ll find the Lyric in stores this August for $280.Lyric Product Photography


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