iHealth Align is World’s Smallest Glucometer

iHealth_Align_PDP1For anyone who doesn’t like the inconvenience of having to tote around larger blood glucose monitors for their diabetes, iHealth has created one that fits into your pocket – just don’t lose it along with your loose change.

The iHealth Align is about the size of a quarter, but as long as you have an iOS or Android device, it’ll be just as effective as the testing kits currently out on the market. The Align stays small by doing away with the display – it simply reads the testing strip, analyzes it, and displays the results on the smartphone. Align itself hooks up to devices using the headphone jack, but the app that it’s paired with is only out for iOS and Android.

All the readings that Align collects are stored in the cloud, and can be tracked over time. It’s also possible to designate others to share blood sugar and insulin data with, including medical staff and close family and friends.

iHealth Align manages to stay fairly low-cost at $17, with testing strips coming in at $12.50 per set of 50. Pre-orders are open now, with shipping scheduled for June 25.

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