Intel Pocket Avatar is the Next Addictive Messaging App

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Apparently, Intel Labs kicks around a lot more ideas than just the usual nitty gritty of processors and technology standards. One brainchild that is seeing the light of day is Pocket Avatars, a new video messaging app featuring animated avatars.

It wouldn’t be Intel if there wasn’t some interesting technology behind it – the app uses your phone’s front camera and microphone to pick up your facial expressions and voice message. You can then choose from one of dozens of 3-D animated avatars, including, as you can see, President Obama. Whatever you choose will be animated with your facial expressions and sent to whoever you wish. The app also comes with a store where you can purchase or download additional avatars for free. There are already 45 avatars available and some impressive partners have been lined up to participate. These partnerships include the likes of LEGO and Annoying Orange.

We tried the app out for ourselves and were impressed with the accuracy of the animations when mimicking your facial expressions. And Intel says that their facial recognition engine will keep getting better and better over time.

Pocket Avatars is now available for free for iOS and Android.

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