Facebook App for iPad Adds Games, and Trending Sidebar

If you’re an iPad owner in the United States, Facebook will have a slightly different look starting today. When held in landscape mode, there will be a brand new sidebar on the right for you to check out.

The contents of that sidebar will look familiar – it’s the same kind of stuff you’ve been seeing on the browser version of Facebook. You’ll see trending topics and videos, along with upcoming events.

The one change to the iPad version is games – Facebook notices that a lot of people play a lot of games on the iPad, so they figured they’d make them more easily accessible. The sidebar will show games you frequently play on Facebook, along with suggestions on other games you might like based on general popularity and what your friends like. To no one’s surprise, ads for games will also show up in this sidebar eventually, too.

This is more or less a test run for the new sidebar – if it proves popular, Facebook will roll the update out internationally.

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