a-Jays Five In-Ear Headphones Review

a-Jays Five are not your run of the mill in-ear headphones. Much like a luxury car or watch, Jays boasts superior engineering that will make their earbuds stand apart from the rest. Interestingly, their a-Jays Fives are built for each different OS–there’s an iOS model, Android model, and Windows model, for guaranteed compatibility. They’re only built in black and white because “the color is in the music” (nice).

Other than the fact they’re all white or all black, the a-Jays Five don’t look like so typical. First and foremost, they use a tangle-free flat cable. It’s tough and flexible. There’s a three-button inline remote with microphone. This remote is the only differentiator between the three OS models. Each remote emulates the essence of their OS’s design. The last noticeable difference is in the earbud design. The buds are covered in a matte soft rubber. They have a sloped shape that angles towards the ear. You’ll be able to feel which bud goes in which ear.

a-Jays Five comes with a round hard case where the headphones are wound along an inner piece of plastic. It’s an interesting approach to protecting the buds, but it’s not the most portable or convenient method of storing them. It does look neat though.

There are 5 sets of silicon ear tips that’s are conveniently located in a little matchbook-sized box. There’s pretty much every size of ear tips you could want, but unfortunately you may have a hard time getting any of them to stay in. The fit isn’t the problem, it’s the weight of the cable. I personally don’t have good luck with earbuds that don’t have a stabilizer piece or a hook, but the a-Jays were especially hard to keep in my ear, even when I wasn’t on the move. I did, however, figure out the trick. If you switch sides and loop them over your ear and down, they’ll stay in.

Like all headphones, when you have a good seal in your ear, the audio experience is best. This is most definitely the case with the a-Jays. The bass can get really thumpy without overwhelming the music. There’s a lot of detail in the mids, and the overall audio experience is well balanced and rich. They sound amazing under the right conditions, and pretty good under other conditions. At the end of the day, it boils down to the fit.

The a-Jays Fives price out at $100. For the sound and build quality you can argue that they’re definitely worth the price. We had a tough time with getting a good enough fit to make it worth it; it’s a bummer because they sound great. Jays took an interesting approach selling three different models (iOS, Windows, Android) for guaranteed compatibility. Keep in mind, these headphones will still work across devices, but button/mic compatibility may vary. The a-Jays Fives are currently available from Amazon.com in black or white.

The Good: Sound great–very rich, Non-tangle cord, Good eartip container included, Very protective case
The Bad: Don’t stay in-ear well, Cord noise, Case is annoying to insert and remove headphones

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  1. Great headphones! I listen to a lot of music like armin van buuren and Avicii and I think they just cant be any better than they are.

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