Rainbow Dash Stars in My Little Pony: Best Pet App


For all the kids – and, sure, all you adults, too – who can’t get enough of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there’s a brand new storybook app out. But, this one really is for the little ones – it’s trying to teach you how to read, too.

My Little Pony: Best Pet is a storybook app based on an episode of the cartoon in which Rainbow Dash wants to get in on the weekly pet play date in Ponyville, but doesn’t have a pet, which proves problematic. The story is animated, and features the voice cast of the show, so fans won’t be disappointed.

As with any storybook app, there’s an educational part to it. More advanced words in the story are highlighted and sounded out for young learners, and there are options for free reading or read-along, depending on the level of the reader. And, of course, you get the vital childhood lessons about friendship, acceptance, and all that good stuff.

My Little Pony: Best Pet is available for iOS for $2.99.

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