OneDrive Now with 15GB of Free Storage, Take that Dropbox!

The cloud storage service formerly known as SkyDrive is taking a hacksaw to prices. Microsoft is bringing OneDrive prices in line with what Google Drive is offering, and making life increasingly difficult for Dropbox, which is starting to look prohibitively expensive by comparison.

But first, the freebies. Microsoft will now offer 15 GB of free storage to everyone, up from 7 GB. If you were part of the early club that got 25 GB free, this doesn’t affect you—if you’re not using Microsoft’s cloud storage service, well, they’d very much like you to. Sweetening the pot are price cuts for 100 GB and 200 GB tiers of storage. Prices are now at $1.99 and $3.99, respectively, down from $7.49 and $11.49. That’s in line with Google Drive and a far cry from Dropbox, which is still at $9.99 and $19.99 for those two tiers.

And, as always, Microsoft has thrown in a little something to entice you to subscribe to Office 365. Previously, Office 365 subscribers of any kind got 20 GB free. That’s going to increase just a little bit—to 1 TB. If you already felt the need to subscribe to Office 365 in the first place, OneDrive has just become the best way to score 1 TB of storage for free.

According to Microsoft, the pricing changes will roll out over the next month. The ball is in Dropbox’ court now—sooner or later, we’re going to run out of reasons to pay that much of a premium for cloud storage that can be had on the cheap elsewhere.