Polaroid Cube is a Bitesize Action Cam

Polaroid is nothing if not distinctive. First shown off at CES in January, Polaroid is unveiling the finished version of the Cube, like a miniature GoPro lite, at CE Week in New York. It’s tiny, it’s adorable, and it should be a hit with anyone looking for a lightweight action cam.

Lightweight is definitely the big advantage here—the Cube fits into the palm of your hand, and is going to add a negligible amount of weight to anything you mount it to. The camera itself isn’t as technically proficient or capable as a GoPro, but it’ll do in a pinch. It has a 3 MP sensor, and has been improved since CES to take video in 1920 x 1080 resolution. The Cube has a wide-angle 124 degree lens and enough battery life to take a continuous 90-minute video. There’s also a built-in microphone and LED light. With the small size, there’s only 2 MB of internal storage, but there is a micro SD card slot for cards up to 32 GB.

You’re definitely not going to be doing anything like streaming video with the Cube, but if you’re looking for simplicity and non-intrusiveness in your action cams, accept no substitute. It doesn’t get much smaller than this when it comes to cameras, and, well, it doesn’t get much simpler than one-button operation, either. On top of that, the Cube is well supported by accessories, as any proper action came should be. Helmet, bicycle, tripod, strap, and suction cup mounts are all in the cards, along with a wearable pendant case and a waterproof case. And, just for kicks, there’s a mount shaped like a monkey. No further justification necessary.

The Polaroid Cube will hit stores this fall for $100. It’ll be accompanied by all of those accessories, which will be priced between $10 and $40 each.

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