Facebook Celebrates LGBT Pride Month With Fabulous Rainbow Emojis

stickersJune is officially LGBT Pride Month, which has been going strong in its present form since 2009. This year, Facebook decided to join in with their own unique little contribution – new emojis.

The emojis aren’t subtle, but hey, subtlety was never really the selling point of emojis. The rainbow-clad icons venture into stereotype territory for sure (look no further than the Village People-inspired biker), but they seem to be coming from a good place. Anyway, they’re emojis, and people of all stripes will have fun with them, and that’s a good thing. Its a celebration! These fit right in.


If you head over to the sticker and emoticon store on Facebook, the new Pride emojis will be right up top. You can grab the pack for free.

Via Yahoo!

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