This is the Safest Way to Put Your iPhone in Ramen Noodle Soup

japan-food-sample-fake-meal-display-ramen-noodles-smartphone-stand-2If you’ve ever been to Japan, or have been to a proper Japanese ramen restaurant, you know all about the model bowls of ramen lined up in the shop window. The painstaking craftsmanship, so good you’re almost fooled into thinking those bowls actually have food in them, like you can walk in and start grubbing.

Well, those same hyperrealistic plastic model ramen bowls are now available as smartphone stands, because sure, why not? You can nestle your phone, landscape or portrait, amid the faux pork, eggs, bamboo and greens, which is ideal if you want to make yourself really, really hungry while watching something on your smartphone.

But anyway, I wasn’t kidding about painstaking craftsmanship. The beauty and sophistication of a well-made model bowl of ramen is, indeed, not cheap. The Japan Food Sample Ramen Noodles Smartphone Stand costs $181, plus $28 for shipping, on Japan Trend Shop.

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