T-Mobile’s Test Drive Program is Kinda Crazy but Awfully Convincing

screenshot_179As we’ve recently discovered, T-Mobile actually has the fastest 4G LTE network in quite a few major cities across the nation. T-Mobile’s pretty proud of that, and pretty proud of their new title of ‘un-carrier’ – part of their campaign against industry scourges like contracts and early termination fees. Above all, T-Mobile just wants you to switch over to their network, and to their credit, they’ve given everyone a lot of good reasons to do that.

But, if everything they’ve done so far isn’t enough, here’s another one – the T-Mobile Test Drive program. If you have any doubts about the quality of T-Mobile’s network in your area, you can now try before you buy – they’re offering a seven day free trial of their network. Of course, to take a test drive on T-Mobile’s road, you’re going to need a vehicle. No problem – sign up for the program, and T-Mobile will toss an iPhone 5S your way at no extra charge. After the seven days, you’ll have to give the phone back – or, I guess you could keep it, but you’ll be charged $700, the unsubsidized price of the iPhone 5S. Your service will also be suspended after the trial is up – unless you decide to switch over to T-Mobile for good.

T-Mobile also announced that they’ve expanded Wideband LTE to 16 markets, bringing speeds up to 150 Mbps. Voice over LTE has been expanded to a total of 15 markets, which makes HD calls possible.

To get the Test Drive program started, T-Mobile is holding the #7NightStand Challenge. If you’re part of the Test Drive program, you can complete seven social media challenges to be entered to win a romantic getaway for two.

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