Thirsty for Some Tru Blood? This iPhone Case has Got You Covered

The True Blood showrunners are putting a stake through the show’s heart this season, bringing an end to the goings-on in Bon Temps. It’ll be missed—a show that has quietly been doing the vampire thing right over the years, when so, so many haven’t. Time to give it a proper send-off. How? With an iPhone case, of course.

Straight from the HBO Shop comes the Tru Blood Bottle Opener Case, in the style of the Tru Blood B Positive bottles from the show. It’s a nice nod to the show, and it’s another reminder that really, there’s pretty much no excuse for not having a bottle opener attached to any smartphone case. This should be standard by now.

The True Blood iPhone 5 case is lurking on the HBO Shop for $17. Grab one before the show gets put to rest for good.

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