2015 Cadillac ATS Gets Wireless Charging

Cadillac has announced that wireless charging is officially coming to their 2015 ATS sport sedan and coupe. And, fortunately, this is some wireless charging news that should make everyone happy.


Despite Cadillac leading with their partnership with Powermat, the new 2015 ATS vehicles will also support competing wireless charging standards, including the most popular, Qi. That’s great news for people who own devices that come standard with Qi wireless charging, like the Google Nexus 4. Powermat still hasn’t gotten its standard into mainstream mobile devices, so you’ll still need cases or accessories for that standard. And, if you own an iPhone, you’ll have to get yourself either a Qi case or a Powermat case, because Apple still hasn’t seen fit to get on the wireless charging train (but you know they’re going to make a huge deal about it when they do).

The new addition won’t be limited to the upcoming ATS models. Later this year, wireless charging will show up in the CTS sport sedan and Escalade, too.

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