Adidas Originals Case Transforms Your iPhone into a Hot Pair of Kicks


Want your iPhone to match with whatever you throw on at two o’clock in the morning to hit up 7-Eleven? Get yourself an adidas Originals Snap Case, an iPhone 5S case done up with the classic 3-Stripes.

This is a polycarbonate case with a rubber coating, so it kinda has a sneaker feel to it. Unlike a lot of snap cases, there’s a microfiber lining on the inside of this case, so the hard polycarbonate won’t do any damage to the phone when you snap it on and off.

The adidas Originals Snap Case comes in nine different color combinations. A few of those are definitely reminiscent of the colors of some of the World Cup countries, so if your World Cup fever hasn’t quite abated yet, here’s a way to keep feeding it. The case is being sold on the Apple Store for $35.

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