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BACtrack Vio is a Keychain-Sized Bluetooth Breathalyzer and it Works!

The people’s breathalyzer is back and smaller than ever. BACtrack is releasing the new BACtrack Vio, a keychain-sized version of their original smartphone-friendly, Bluetooth-enabled breathalyzer.


The Vio is smaller and cheaper, but does the job every bit as well. There’s a flip-up mouthpiece that you will blow vodka-infused air into, which in turn is analyzed by MicroCheck Sensor technology to give you an accurate readout of your BAC on your smartphone, using a Bluetooth connection. Same deal as the original BACtrack breathalyzer, just smaller and, handily, less expensive. More booze money! Virtuous cycle.


The BACtrack app is getting a few new features for the Vio release. You can play a guessing game with your BAC, which seems destined to become a drinking game in its own right. The app can also give you an approximation of when you’ll return to zero BAC, so you can start counting down to when fun ends. As always, you have the option to track your BAC over time, and share your admirable accomplishments with friends.


And, good news! We know it works, because we did the hard work for you guys and tested it out. You can thank us later, and I think you know how to show your gratitude. As for the Vio, it’s available now for $50, and the app is out for iOS and Android.


H/T to the team at Gear Diary for partaking in our little experiment.

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