Beauty Mirror App Will Make You Look Flawless

Someone go tell the Queen from Snow White she can dump that magic mirror at the local pawn shop. She’s going to need the cash for a new iPhone, because that’s where the real magic mirror action is. There’s a new iOS app called Beauty Mirror, and it’s out to make sure you always look like the fairest of them all.

Beauty Mirror uses the iPhone’s camera to look at your face, wince, and tell you it’s not that bad. Then, you get to work. Using 3D face tracking technology, Beauty Mirror lets you apply virtual effects to your face, like shaving off pounds, getting rid of wrinkles, or improving complexion. More heavy-duty stuff like eye enlargement and facelifts can also be done in the app, which I guess beats letting a scalpel get all up in your face.

The face tracking technology is running constantly, so the effects will be persistent when you move your head from side to side or tilt your head up and down. You can even record video from the beginning of the process to the end, or take stills. That part opens up a few practical uses for Beauty Mirror, like cosmetics counters showing you the effects of their products virtually. The developers are also working on adapting Beauty Mirror’s technology to create filters for video chat clients, so you can make yourself look all made up for business chats, setting up dates, or whatever, without actually having to spend time applying anything. No joke there, that’s just a fantastic idea.

Beauty Mirror is available on iOS for free, but some features, like virtual nose jobs, require in-app purchases to unlock.

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