Chrome Forged Rubber Sneakers Are Ready for War – Literally

A lot of sneaker manufacturers hope to get repeat customers. Chrome seems pretty content with having you just buy one pair—according to them, one is all you’ll need for a long, long time.


Chrome Forged Rubber

Chrome’s Forged Rubber Sneakers are ready for an absolute urban pounding. Actually, they’re ready for just about any kind of pounding—the way the rubber soles are forged to the canvas sneaker uses the same process used to create army boots.

Chrome salvaged a 70-year old machine from Slovakia, then headed over to Thailand, where production factories are close to rubber trees. Chrome takes the rubber straight from the trees, then presses the molten rubber onto the canvas shoe at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, using vulcanization to harden the rubber into a tough sole that won’t split off from the shoe.

Chrome Forged Rubber

The shoes also have a little reflective tab on the back, which is a nice addition for cyclists. Also, if you think socks are for squares, good news—socks are pretty much built-in to these Chrome sneakers. The inside of the shoe is lined with antimicrobial material. That, along with a quick-dry contoured sole, ensures that you can wear these sneakers without socks and not have to worry about an ungodly smell afterwards.

You can cop Chrome’s Forged Rubber Sneakers for $85, in a few different color combinations.

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  1. Actually thats pretty nifty and the price of them isnt too bad either. I think this is one of the better things I have seen llately. Low tech and effective.

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