Classic Atari Games Get a Denny’s Twist

Partnership between Denny’s and Atari? Partnership between Denny’s and Atari.

This is the kind of thing they could have put in Back to the Future Part II, and back in the ’80s everyone would have laughed and laughed. But, this is the cold 21st century future we live in. Atari, whose struggles are legion, is hooking up with Denny’s to release diner-themed versions of Centipede, Breakout, and Asteroids as games on the Denny’s iOS and Android apps. Now going by the names Centipup (supposed to be based on syrup, but I think the marketing team was as engaged here as the average Denny’s patron at 3 AM), Take-Out, and Hashteroids (perhaps a subtle nod to said 3 AM patrons), the games will basically be the same, but will have Denny’s-related goals. I don’t think they’re the same Denny’s-related goals I’m thinking of.

This is all part of Denny’s Greatest Hits Remixed push. Besides the games, some classic Denny’s dishes are also getting slight tweaks for a limited time. With this and the long-awaited E.T. excavation, this has not been a banner year for our Atari memories.

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