I Don’t Think Disney’s Villains and Princesses Ever Looked So Good

templatesBlack Milk has a penchant for making pop culture fashionable, so it should come as no surprise that their Disney Princesses+Villains line is looking pretty top notch.

The high mark is probably the excellent Maleficent bomber jacket seen below, which should be worn while on a motorcycle as often as possible. As usual for Black Milk, a lot of the collection is made up of leggings. Lots and lots of printed leggings. There are plenty of Disney-themed dresses and crop tops, too, along with a sheer yellow maxi skirt that will let you get your Snow White on.

The collection isn’t quite ready to ship yet, but you can browse it in full right now. Again, the villain bomber jackets look like they’re the business, but if you like leggings, yeah. Definitely check it out. So many leggings.


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