This Dog Crate is Nice Enough For Me To Live In


Got your order in on that $120,000 television? Perfect, now you can make sure your furry friend lives in just as much luxury as you do. Maricela Sanchez has designed some new dog crates, and they certainly aren’t eyesores.

She’s designed some beautiful latticework dog crates that will actually add to the decor for once. Matched with the right interior design, they’ll look lovely, but it’s also worth noting that dogs should love these, too. They’re generously large, so your dog will have room to stand up and walk around a little bit, rather than feeling cramped in a tiny box. Sanchez also has larger play pens with an open top that allow for even more movement.

Dog Crate

The crates all come in either black or white and in five different sizes, although there is a Fancy crate that comes in XXL for bigger breeds. There are a couple different designs you can choose from for the latticework, as well. But, as it often is with designer goods, these crates are going to cost you. They start at $540, but just look at those puppy dog eyes over there. How can you say no? With how much New York City apartments cost these days – this may not be a bad alternative…

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