Fitbit’s Tory Burch Collection has Finally Arrived, and it’s Gorgeous

It came a little later than spring, but hey, you can’t rush good fashion. The Tory Burch collection for Fitbit Flex that we first saw at CES is finally hitting shelves, making wearable technology just a little more wearable.

The collection includes two lines of bracelets and a necklace pendant. The Metal Fret Pendant and and Metal Hinged Bracelet match the mock-up design that was floated in January, with the usual metal fretwork that you’re used to seeing in Tory Burch designs. These two are made of brass, and are definitely the more luxurious options—in fact, they represent the ideal for fashionable wearable technology, in that no one is going to peg it for a fitness tracker at a glance.

The Silicone Printed Bracelet is the more affordable option, and is more readily identifiable as a Fitbit Flex bracelet. These bracelets come in navy and pink, covered with printed patterns from Tory Burch and a big T logo. Unlike the brass bracelet, the Silicone Printed Bracelet is adjustable in the same way as the regular Fitbit Flex bracelets.

The entire Tory Burch for Fitbit collection is launching today. The Metal Fret Pendant is selling for $175, while the Metal Hinged Bracelet and Silicone Printed Bracelet are selling for $195 and $38, respectively.

Update 7/20/2014: Check out the what the Tory Burch Fitbit collection really looks like.


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