Intel Wants You To Make an App for This Camera

Intel Realsense

Intel’s RealSense technology is looking to take 3D scanning to the next level. We’ve already seen RealSense technology used to create floating, interactive holographic displays, but that’s an Intel creation. Intel would rather see what you can come up with, so they’re holding a contest with the greatest of all prizes—cash.

templatesThe RealSense App challenge wants you to come up with an idea for an app or game using Intel’s RealSense camera. That means something taking advantage of gesture controls and 3D head tracking and scanning, so you have a wide berth. Between now and October 1, you can submit an idea, no matter how simple, to Intel. If your idea gets selected, Intel will send you a RealSense camera and the SDK. Then, it’s up to you to actually develop your app between November 14 and January 20.

Intel Realsense

Maybe the biggest advantage RealSense has is its excellent sense of depth. Maybe you could make an analytics program for golf swings or baseball pitches? Hey, you might just make thousands of dollars off one of those ideas. If you make it to the development stage of the contest, you could win anywhere between $1,000 and $51,000. This post has more details about the contest and the prize breakdown, but one word of warning—if you think your idea might just be worth more than $51,000, maybe keep it parked in the garage, because once you submit something to the contest, Intel owns it (but can’t directly profit off of it unless you give the OK).

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