iTunes Song Previews Get Cut from 90 to 30 Seconds

Looks like Apple might be getting stingy with the song previews on iTunes. MacRumors has a report about a shocking cut to song preview length, taking away the 90 seconds that were promised for longer songs, and saddling us with the old 30 second limit. Or maybe they aren’t, it’s not really clear what’s going on. Does anyone still buy songs off iTunes? This report leaves us with more questions than answers.

Because of maybe licensing agreement problems, or technical difficulties, or who knows (because Apple isn’t going to say anything about it), songs that used to have 90-second previews now have 30-second previews. A while back, Apple upped the previews for songs longer than 2:30 to 90 seconds, but now it seems like that has been rolled back somewhat. But, now there’s an update to the report saying that some of the songs that had their previews cut back to 30 seconds are back up to 90 seconds. Not all of them, though.

There’s a good chance the licensing agreement theory holds some water. Similar problems hit streaming music services all the time. Chances are the 90 second previews will all be back in relatively short order.