Jam Rewind Makes Us Miss Our Cassette Tapes

Jam Rewind

The Jam Rewind wireless portable speaker is taking us back to the days when rewinding was still a thing. What we’ve got here is your everyday portable wireless speaker made to look like a cassette tape. It’s not too much larger than a cassette tape, either—it’s pocketable too, well, if you have generous-sized pockets.

The Jam Rewind stays portable thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and a decent eight-hour battery life. A built-in microphone means you can use it as a speakerphone, too. There is also a 3.5mm out for connecting it to old school, non-wireless devices.

So how does it sound, you ask? Really good. The audio coming from it is much more powerful than we expected to get from such a compact little speaker. To that effect, you can literally feel the vibrations pumping out of the speaker as it jams and it can get quite loud. And while, the audio isn’t very balanced – lets just say that it wont satisfy an audiophile, it’s quite impressive for a gadget that seemed like it would just be a novelty.


Jam Rewind comes in blue, red, or grey. Aside from the cool color options, we appreciate that it also sports a set of dedicated volume and playback buttons running along its top side. Furthermore, even its packaging has been designed with love – as the packaging actually resembles an actual cassette player case. Not only does Jam get extra points for being clever, but that packaging can also serve as a carrying case for the Rewind.

The Jam Rewind retails for $100, but you can find one on Amazon for between $75 and $80. Get in on it now, because the retro train’s going to leave the station and move on to CDs pretty soon.

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