Jawbone UP Updates Takes Your Next Meal to New Heights

Jawbone up

Fitness trackers and their apps to a great job of logging data like steps taken. Logging meal data, on the other hand, has been more of a side dish, mostly because it’s not automatic and most people probably aren’t going to take the time to log every single thing they eat manually. But, new updates to the Jawbone UP app just might make meal logging more palatable (and sometime automatic).

How can meals possibly be logged automatically? For starters, by you going to restaurants. With the new update, restaurants that have made their menus and nutritional information available online can now be found using the app. You can just pick out what you order from their menu, and the app will log it. You can save meals that you commonly order or make at home, too, so you can select them quickly from something like a favorites list.

The UP app now works with other apps, too. Munchery, an app that covers San Francisco and Seattle, has its own menu, with meals prepared by chefs and delivered to your home. PlateJoy is the same kind of deal, but with you getting ingredients delivered to your home to make your meal of choice. HealthyOut allows you to order from local restaurants before you leave home. The Prep Pad Wi-Fi Connected Scale, sold by the Orange Chef Co., lets you measure ingredients that you use to create a dish. All of these apps can now be connected to the UP app, with meals that you select automatically logged. And, in the future, you’ll be able to use the NuMi app from NutriSystem to get personalized meal recommendations.

Any meal that gets logged will now also get a food score, telling you how healthy and nutritious the food you eat is on a daily basis. If you commit to logging everything you eat, you’ll be able to see calories consumed versus calories burned, and compare that with your weight over time, which you can also log. The app will also be able to look at your diet information and give recipe recommendations to make up for any deficiencies in your diet, like if you’re not getting enough iron.

Using the app will still require a lot of effort on your part. For this whole system to work as intended, you need to commit to always wearing the fitness tracker and logging every single thing you eat. If that sounds like a commitment you can make, good news—the new features on the UP app represent the best attempt yet at truly integrating meal logging and fitness tracking, creating a comprehensive look at your health, day-by-day.

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