Meow! This Candle Has a Surprising Kitty Treat

It’s a cat. It’s a candle. It’s a memento mori. Three things that obviously go together are packed into the Kisa Cat Candle.

The noble Kisa stands erect, a geometric representation of the feline form. Once you light the candle, the wax melts away, revealing a grinning, mischievous metal skeleton that I can only assume is a symbolic representation of how all cats are on the inside. It’s a slow burn, too—the cat is 10 inches tall, big enough to provide 20 hours of fragile, uncertain light by which you can ponder the mysteries of the fragile, uncertain lives of cat and man.

Or, it’d just be pretty sweet to grab a couple of these and stick them outside for Halloween. Either way. The Kisa Cat Candle can be appropriately found on Uncommon Goods for $34.