LeapFrog LeapTV is a Game Console for Kids

LeapFrog is taking their stable of kid-friendly apps and games to the world of video games with LeapTV, a new video game console designed for children from three to eight years old.

As with LeapFrog’s other devices, LeapTV will be a way to access their Learning Library, a collection of cartridges, downloads, and videos full of educational content. LeapTV will have over 100 games and videos at launch, all of which are developed and testing by LeapFrog’s staff of educational experts, ensuring that all the content is age-appropriate. You’ll never need to worry about M-rated games finding their way onto this console, that’s for sure.

LeapTV, for its part, looks like a modern video game console. There’s a camera that approximates what the Kinect does for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, letting kids control some games with body motion. A more conventional controller allows for your standard video game experience. The controller also has an accelerometer, so kids can play games by tilting or shaking the controller in addition to pressing buttons. Giving a twist to the controller turns it into a pointer, similar to how the Wii remote works.

LeapTV will launch during the holiday season, and will cost $150.

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