Logitech Bemo is a Vine Machine

Logitech has kind of an odd new entry into the action cam market with Bemo. It’s small, pocket-sized, and incredibly simple to use.

Bemo is a small, one-touch video camera that syncs up with an app for recording. The limitations are worth noting with this new camera—you can’t take stills, and the video is recorded in 720p. Being a one-touch device, there’s no zoom or auto-focus or anything like that. It’s essentially a Vine machine—something you can whip out to capture six seconds of craziness with your friends. You can also wear it around your neck on a lanyard, but we all know how hard it is to pull off tech on lanyards. It’s not usually a good look.

Fortunately, if you’re not about the lanyard, you can easily clip Bemo to your bag or a piece of clothing, or just slip it in your pocket. Thing is, your phone is about the same size, and can probably take higher quality video than Bemo can. Also, the Bemo app, which lets you edit, add filters to, and share videos, has so far only been developed for iOS. Still, if you’d like a really, really simple camera to make some Vines with your friends, and for some reason absolutely do not want to take out your iPhone to do so, Bemo is here. You can get it straight from Logitech in red, black, or blue for $130.

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