magicJackGO Brings your Landline to your iPhone

Most people nowadays don’t care about having a landline anymore, but magicJackGO certainly paints an enticing picture. The new device is the 4th gen and latest from the popular low cost, all you can eat VOIP service. Service costs customers just $34.95 for the first year and packs in one year of unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada and free call waiting, call forwarding, 411, voicemail and caller ID. But what makes the new magicJackGO especially cool is that thanks to an accompanying app, you can take your MagicJack phone number with you anywhere. The MagicApp app is available for iPhone and Android and it extends the year of unlimited calling to your smartphone, sans the actual magicJackGO device. Of course, there are a lot of great benefits to a system like this – including the fact that your iPhone can no make and receive calls from two numbers. That is a pretty sweet bonus. It also means that you can basically take your landline with you on the go.

MagicJackGO is available now for $59.95.

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