Magnavox 24″ Slim LED HDTV with Snap on Fashion Bezel

Magnavox—that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. But, they’re still around, making TVs that might not be the most technically proficient, but are definitely the most delightfully tacky.

Case in point is this 24″ HDTV, hanging out on QVC, the flea market of the airwaves. It’s a 720p television with LED backlighting, the kind that was exciting back in 2006 or so. But, that’s whatever, because you know what’s always exciting? Snap-on fashion accessories. When you go to buy yourself one of these TVs, you’ll have your choice of eight snap-on fashion bezels for a far more glamorous television watching experience. That includes gems like leopard bling and hot pink bling and—well, there’s a lot of bling. It’s mostly bling. Now we’re all the way back to 2002.

Best part, this stylin’ TV is only going for $190. That’s an amazing deal, considering it’s packing something that pretty much no other television on the market has. Basically, it needs to be in your home, ASAP.

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