MimoPowerTube Gets Artist Makeover for San Diego Comic-Con

With San Diego Comic Con just a week away, the loveable rascals/wallet vampires we know as merch vendors are raring to show off what they have in store. As always, that includes Mimoco and their immense roster of characters in flash drive form. Well, we’re guessing that Mimoco will have some new characters ready, but this year they’re leading off with a new artist series for their MimoPowerTubes.

The MimoPowerTubes are small, cylindrical battery packs for mobile devices. At their booth, Mimoco will have 17 new designs for their battery packs from ten different artists, including the Wee Ninjas of Shawnimals and Andrea Kang’s BearBots. Each design will be limited to 100 units or less, because nothing is worth getting at Con if it’s not going to be super rare afterwards.

The MimoPowerTubes have 2600 mAh batteries, which should charge up most phones between one to two times over. They also come with a Micro USB cord and an array of charging tips, so you’ll probably be covered regardless of your choice of smartphone or tablet. Egalitarian!

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