Nerd Block July 2014 Review and Coupon

We’re always disappointed when there are no vinyl figurines to be found in the box, but this month’s Nerd Block for July 2014 has plenty of other worthy goodies. So what can be foun in this month’s Nerd Block?

  • Exclusive Turtle Power T-Shirt – this is very timely with the movie coming out soon. Wear it to the theater!
  • Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD Set – this is another timely item with Comic Con San Diego having just wrapped up this weekend. We love that there are mini figures included with the DVD too.
  • Star Wars Plush Toy – Nerd Block really loves themselves some Star Wars! There always seems to be a Star Wars something thrown in.
  • Star Wars Insider Magazine – More Star Wars paraphernalia.
  • Zombie Strike Nerf Gun – Zombies and Nerf combined? That is a delicious combination.

Overall, this month’s Nerd Block was pretty solid with about $70+ of goodies inside.

Subscription boxes are generally very addictive, but Nerd Block is one of our favorites. That is because each month, Nerd Block serves up a dosage of geeky goods such as action figures, t-shirts and other surprises. The cost for Nerd Block is $19.99 a month plus $9.50 shipping in the U.S. They also ship worldwide.

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